Thursday, December 16, 2010


  • christmas
  • my friends
  • giggling
  • full house
  • bed
  • chocolate & V
  • my phone
  • mr mcneill
  • new years eve
  • that excited feeling you get when preparing for a party
  • driving
  • reading
  • shopping
  • giving people presents
  • the way my friends made me feel tonight
  • sleeping
  • elli (:
  • presents
  • my mum
  • my room
  • being happy

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Elephants have been known to die of broken hearts if a mate dies. They refuse to eat and will lay down, shedding tears until they starve to death. They refuse all human help.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Real Love.

When seahorses find a mate, they hold tails, & have that one mate for the rest of their lives. When the mate dies, they do too.


  • I like reading books that you can't put down even when it's the middle of the night & you can barely stay awake. I like how i don't go one day without talking to my boyfriend. I like spending sunny days in my backyard by the pool reading. I like spending rainy days in bed watching amazing TV series. I like that I only have less than 1 month until the HSC is over. I like how everyone gets closer under the influence of alcohol. I like the feeling after you've been on a long walk. I  like big pay days. I like how my bunny jumps around my house being the cutest ever. I like hearing rain just as im about to go to sleep. I like that I have two holidays within the next two months. I like how my friends and i can have the best hang outs. I love when i get to snuggle with my boyfriend all night. I like texting for hours & hours. I like repeating songs over and over again until i am so sick of them. I like how boyfriend gives the best hugs and kisses. I like the feeling when you  jump into bed with clean sheets. I like how songs and photos can take you back to a memory. I basically just really like life :)